La Mamela

Mamela in local slang is: 1. A rocky headland which juts out into the sea, where birds and fish feed on crustaceans, making it the ideal place to catch fish; feed on crustaceans, making it the ideal place to catch fish; or 2. A happy-go-lucky type of person.


La Mamela - Comer MENU

Eating at La Mamela is about combining your meal with the best wines and beers, and enjoying great conversation – the things we believe make up ‘La Vida Buena’.

Explore our menu and let us surprise you with our new dishes and creative ideas, every time you visit us.


La Mamela - Beber MENU

We want you to enjoy the best wines and beers to accompany your food, discovering new varieties in the process. Fino sherry is one of the main features on our menu, but there is much more on offer. Are you ready to discover our selection?


La Mamela - Vivir LIFE

At La Mamela you can also feed your soul on creativity, conversation, opinions and generous sharing. That’s why you will find an inspiring, spacious, accessible and easy-going place where you can enjoy our menu in your own time.

Our full menu is available non-stop, from 12 pm till 12 am, so you can enjoy our food whenever you want.


Call or book by Whatsapp/text message on 609 120 911

You can book from 12 pm every day.

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